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Lena Headey discusses her love for tattoos

June, 2019

As you may have previously seen on the blog Chris had the pleasure of tattooing actress Lena Headey. Lena is an actress known to millions across the globe as Cersei Lannister from hit HBO series Game of Thrones as well as starring in feature films such as The Purge, 300 and Dredd.

Since tattooing Lena she recently sat down for an interview with The Guardian to discuss her career to date, the controversial conclusion to her Game of Thrones’ characters storyline and her fine tattoo collection:


In the meantime, she can turn her thoughts to her other great creative impulse: her next tattoo.

She has at least 13 visible tattoos, including images of flowers, butterflies, birds, stars, hearts and a Ganesha elephant godhead. As she tells me, she’s not interested in expensive handbags, but she can’t resist the allure of another inking. Every six months, she says, she gets a “jones” for a new tattoo.

“It resets me,” she explains. “It’s like a ritual.”



The tattoo Chris recently created for her was the Ganesha Elephant Godhead tattoo she mentions, which she wanted on her upper arm:




We’re looking forward to the next time Lena gets a “jones” for tattooing and hopefully we can add more to her collection.